Charles L’Abri Anderson


I’m an engineer who loves creating beautiful and functional things. Committed to excellence and accomplishing tasks which bring back value to the team. Experience in project management, systems engineering and technical leadership. I’m constantly engaged in the development of my portfolio through ongoing engagement with other professionals in the discipline. I think you’ll find my skills as a individual contributer, love for people, and drive to build epic things really valuable.
Core values include lifelong learning, personal and professional growth, creativity, and giving back to the community.

–whats happening now–

Systems Engineering/Devops LeadObscura Digital, San Francisco, CA (2015-Present) //

In the systems engineering department at Obscura Digital I bring focused clarity to the complex multi-disciplnary nature of the projects we drive. My core focus with Obscura is implementing complex technical projects using the latest disciplines in the engineering field. My team and I meet project milestones through collaborative engineering environment with rock solid technical prowess. I have led the systems engineering team into a practice of devops which has brought a ton of really fun and valuable improvements to our pipeline.

Keys: Devops Practices, ELK (elasticsearch, logstash, kibana), TICK (telegraf, influxdb,Chronograph/Grafana, Kapacitor), Nagios/SNMP, Containers (docker, etc), AWS EC2, Windows Domains/Servers (*-Server 2016), RHEL and Debian/Ubuntu, HP/Cisco/Juniper/Mellanox, Infiniband and Ethernet, Powershell/Python3/Javascript, Flash SAN and Storage (Netapp, OEM), KVM/QEMU Virtualization, Ruckus/Cisco Wifi.

what happened then–

Devops Consultant – One World Lab, San Diego, CA (2013-2017) //

In a long-term consulting relationship with OWL, a biotech startup based in San Diego, I acted as a contract devops engineer to craft solutions that fit the niche of their specific industry. I leveraged containerization and SAS applications to drive a quality product.
I brought my experience as a devops engineer into the systems and development culture, encouraging a closer interoperations model. I then trained both the development team and the systems team in order to lead both parties into a collaborative environment.

Keys: Cisco IOS, IPSEC, Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012 domains, Filemaker Pro, Docker, RHEL/Ubuntu, git, AWS EC2.

IT Operations Lead – Six Automotive Franchises, Central Coast, CA (2011-2015) //

During my time as technical lead with this group, I collaborated with owners, clients, and partner companies to provide solutions to challenges in a rapidly evolving environment. I implemented new solutions that emphasize client interaction and user experience.
My core focus was leading the IT team in developing creative solutions while eliminating avoidable technical problems and providing ongoing, user-friendly employee education. I implemented technologies to solve common, and not so common problems. I also architected and implemented datacenter consolidation and a really fun and complex network design.

Keys: Cisco IOS Network ops and Wifi, Windows Server, Domains, Forests and Trusts, RHEL/Ubuntu Linux, Javascript/PHP/Node.js, Docker, VMWare ESXi Virtualization, AWS EC2.

Engineering Lead – Our Children’s Homestead, Naperville, IL (2009-2011) //

In working at Our Children’s Homestead, the second-largest child welfare organization in the state I leveraged both my creative and technical skills for an excellent cause. I worked on technical projects such as the development of a broader organization CMS, and creative projects including producing a short film about foster children in Illinois. I managed network and server ops across three sites supporting over 200 individuals. I oversaw state and federal budgetary compliance for the information technology team and reported directly to the board of directors. I led a team of two engineers. I implemented initiatives with wireless access and inter-site connectivity, bringing technological communications mobilizing ninety percent of the staff through technology initiatives.

Keys: Windows Server (DFS, Active Directory Services, DNS, DHCP), Sharepoint, MS SQL/MYSQL, Hyper-V, RHEL Linux, Cacti, XMPP (OpenFire/Ignite), HIPAA Hitech, OSX, SEP, BackupExec, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Microsoft Exchange, PHP, Dell PowerVault SAN/iSCSI.