Using a USB/Serial with OSX and Screen

I’ve been using a Mac for quite a while as a systems administrator/network administrator. I don’t run into many people that use OSX for their daily machines as administrators, but I think that OS androgyny is more ubiquitous, so I think its apt to write an article on using screen to pick up the serial […]

Installing Ubiquiti Unifi Controller on CentOS 6.x

Upon needing to install a Ubiquiti Unifi controller on a VM recently, I found that they only have official support for Windows and Debian variants. Although I enjoy Debian and the like just fine, I thought I’d give it a go to install the controller on CentOS 6.5. We’ll: Install CentOS Update CentOS Install MongoDB […]

ESXi 5.1 SNMP Service Starting Failure

When you look up how to change the SNMP community for ESXi 5.1, VMWare has an article¬†that displays the command to change the community of the SNMP service via the esxcli command. But when you attempt to actually¬†start the service in the GUI, you get this error: This leads to an article by VMWare about […]