Adding Passthrough Physical Disk in KVM Guests

I found myself needing to add a physical disk thats installed on a KVM host on to one of its guests. Although this is not always advised, it can be helpful in data recovery scenarios.

Find which disk you want to add by using ‘fdisk -l’, looking at the listed partitions.

Second, you can make sure its not mounted with the ‘mount’ command.

third, use virsh to edit the VM ‘virsh edit VMNAME’.

fourth add a disk config:

<disk type=’block’ device=’disk’>
<driver name=’qemu’ type=’raw’/>
<source dev=’/dev/sdd’/>
<target dev=’vdb’ bus=’virtio’/>

last, define the new config in the VM:
virsh define /etc/libvirt/qemu/VMNAME.xml

The Sea

She was a fickle mistress, hair spraying everywhere. Cold hands and hard eyes. She stared at me through the lens of foam and fuss. Pillars, all done up with ancient ideas and ‘stuck to’ ideas of how the world works and where we are all in part of it. She is powerful,...

VMware Tools Installation On A XenServer Migrated VM

I recently had a few CentOS machines that were migrated from XenServer to VMWare. There was a curious problem where the /dev/cdrom would not exist to be mounted when the VMWare tools image was mounted to the VM. When attempting to mount the CDROM’s usual...

IGMP Snooping Ubiquiti Unifi

Recently I had some legacy hardware applications that required a multicast heartbeat back to clients on the same wifi network. These were specialized tools from GM that technicians used to connect to vehicles for diagnostics back to GM. GM calls them the MDI (Multiple...

Christmas in Pismo

a snowy broken town, beat up ‘out all the cold dropped and kicked by the pacific cod drip faced at harrys ’til 3, flying high summer kites and windy springs damp mornings christmas fog elevating sounds carrying on with seagulls slowly cresting sunrise palm trees...

Installing ESXi VMWare Tools On CentOS

I needed a quick reference article for installing the VMWare tools on CentOS VM’s that I spin up in the environment. **EDIT** I had some problems on some upgraded from xenserver VMs not finding the CDROM. See workthrough here. /**EDIT** 1, Mount the VMWare tools...

Unifi Ubiquity AP and Cisco Trunk VLAN

Recently I needed some cheap, decent WIFI AP units to deploy at a small business. I had a friend recommend the Ubiquity Unifi platform. I only needed access for approx 20 users across 3 APs, so I decided to give it a whirl. Setting up the controller software on a...


Stormy, your eyes Staring out into the distance Only accepting what is acceptable Like a gate into your heart They prance the gardens of this earth Smelling flowers and carousing supermarkets Stormy, your eyes Sideways Looking at me across the pillow Telling me of...

Errors Logging Into OWA on Trusted Domain

Recently, our organization needed to set up a trusted domain for a branch system. We wanted to add the second domain to run segregated services, but did not want to stub the domain from the root. We ended up creating a second forest.   Microsoft has some great...


I am an old man sitting on a wooden bench by a river. My shoes sit softly in the mud and I am relaxed. The sunlight gently warms my eyelids as the five o’clock sun glistens off of the water. Slowly the trees rustle and I can sink into what I believe is very important....

OSX Disk Utility #Fails. Use DD instead.

Since 10.7, the Disk Utility in OSX has taken a steep dive in quality. It used to be a great tool that (imo) made OSX slightly nicer than Windows for working with images and partitioning. But as of 10.7 and higher, the Disk Utility seems to not be able to copy ISOs...


Arch Linux is a sleek and nimble, super lightweight Linux distribution that is wonderfully fast and constantly evolving. We’ll Install it.