Python // Lesson 5: Netmiko

Netmiko Introduction and Basics Video link is 8 minutes  Netmiko Show CommandsVideo link is 13 minutes  Netmiko and PromptingVideo link is 12 minutes  Netmiko and TextFSMVideo link is 10 minutes  Netmiko Config ChangesVideo link is 8 minutes  Netmiko TroubleshootingVideo link is 9 minutes Additional Content: Netmiko Readme Netmiko Examples Netmiko TutorialThis tutorial is a bit old, but still should be generally correct. Exercises […]

Python // Lesson 4: Functions and the Python Debugger

´╗┐In this email of Learning Python we are going to cover the following: Functions (Part1)Video link is 8 minute  Functions (Part2)Video link is 11 minutes  Misc Topics (Part1)Video link is 10 minutes  Misc Topics (Part2)Video link is 8 minutes  Python Debugger (pdb)Video link is 10 minutes Additional Content: A Byte of Python, Functions How to use the Python Debugger Exercises […]

Python // Lesson 3: Dictionaries, Exceptions, and Regular Expressions

DictionariesVideo is 6 minutes   Dictionaries MethodsVideo is 7 minutes   SetsVideo is 9 minutes    ExceptionsVideo is 15 minutes  Regular Expressions (Part1)Video is 15 minutes  Regular Expressions (Part2)Video is 7 minutes  Regular Expressions (Part3)Video is 8 minutes  Regular Expressions, Other MethodsVideo is 4 minutes Additional Content: Regular Expression TutorialThis is a good resource if you are new to regular expressions. Online Regular Expression TesterSelect […]