Startup Scripts

So i got Ignite: Spark to push out via a GPO as an assigned app, with also a backup script to do a system check to see if spark is installed as well as the correct parameters for the spark.parameters settings file in the user folder.Today I finished it off by adding the shortcut to […]


So my DC at one of my sites has given me all these problems with not propagating group policy. It drives me mad when my users at the site call and complain that their ‘favorites dont work’ ‘where are my printers’ ‘i cant connect to X:’ etc.Looks like I have a corrupted SYSVOL/NETLOGON. MS has […]

Spark SSO

Looks like the SSO is working… on windows XP The Windows 7 SSO doesnt work.. time to find out why. I found this article that might help solve the problem, but I am hesitant to install a hotfix on my DC that might not be the right one. Time to do some digging around.