Spark and Openfire

I got my Openfire server running and I *just* finished with the Spark SSO config.A few things.I followed these directions: But.. I ran into a few problems. 1) in my gss.conf, I had to change the location of the .keytab from “program files x86” since I am on an x64 machine, the server could not […]


I was playing around with spark sso sign in and I created a kerberos key for my own user account. bad idea. it reset my pword. fail. [From my iPhone]


When I started here, I was amazed at all the crazy script language that was initiated at every user login.time syncing, custom routes for applications, printer installation/defaulting, etcand with the vast number of users in different areas, these scripts became more and more complex as divisions and sections popped up. The very nature of these […]