The Sea of Argentina

you wrote me it was from a far away and mysterious land in the south of america where you were i said id fly, then drive we’d get in a boat and relax on the balmy sea shore plane tickets and plans formed in my hands i followed the lines on the map as i […]


Snow covered the flat beach line like sand would in a less surreal place. I rolled down the window and let the warm sea breeze fill my hair and wrap its familiar hands around my ears and neck. Blue sky and horizon were all I could see if I opened my eyes. I kept them […]

The Blood of the Bulls

It was often that he found himself waking up with this bright light, the imagination, peering into his bones. It was often that he equated it with the American Dream.  At 14 he had seen the streets of Spain covered with the blood of the bulls and he thought he could never escape the horror. […]