Why is a backup plan important?

Last week, a server developed massive amounts of corruption in the middle of the night. Luckily my disaster contingency plan was in place and I had the server rebuilt in one hour. It pays to have a backup plan. What was my plan? I had backups offsite, I had backups on redundant arrays spanning lengthy […]

Another day in the life of a lonely Mac

So, I have really tried to stay away from encouraging mac users in the domain. Last Friday a VP’s computer went down and I had it for the weekend. I decided to try some things new. In a step to apple and pc reunion I bound the┬áVP’s mac to the AD and set an AD […]


Beneath the varying shades of green trees, light breezes flittered and left marks of changed sands and exposed branches. The sunlight left bare the darkness and chased away anything hiding within and under things untold. The whole world was exposed. The whole world was in a state of freedom. Everything was plainly itself and did […]