Microsoft Updates and Rebooting

I had a recent post ( about SharePoint 2010 installation woes, I had the same problem crop up. This time it wasn’t the registry. I combed through the registry with a fine toothed comb. This time it turned out to be simple. Looks like windows updates were pending, though somehow the windows update informational was […]

Blackberry Server

So, I received a notification that our BES server was not delivering emails to our users. Checking the web administration console is usually the first step- verify that the users connection to the BES is still active. The web server for the BES was down. This (of all the broken things ive found in BES) […]

The Woods, Snow, Christmas.

[portfolio_slideshow] Attached are a few of the highlights I trekked off into Lake Herrick woods last night at 9:30PM after we had about 3-4″ of snow. Items brought: Canon camera body. Canon 10-20 lens Tripod Holga Camera Extra Batteries Lots of warm clothes, tuque and snowshoes included I have always wanted to ditch off into […]