Wireless Authentication

This last year I upgraded our systems from a completely wired network to a roaming wireless network. I chose to go with the HP Procurve products as they fulfilled the organizational needs and were quite cheaper than the Cisco counterparts. Setting up the wireless infrastructure required mapping out locations to plan for optimal wireless crossover […]

Remote Web Workplace

So, we have a few users that log in using the remote web workplace which translates RDP3389 connections via a TS gateway and tunnels them to 443 in a secure connection. Like I said.. we have a *few* users that do this. Most use a VPN connection. Today, I had an issue where the users […]

Blackberry Enterprise Server

So, ever since the Blackberry Enterprise Server installation last year, our users get random hiccups. It varies from user to user, carrier to carrier, phone to phone. Some things work perfectly, some have slight problems. Currently, our org does not give out company cell phones, but rather opts in for a reimbursement. This is easy […]