Beauty in America

I’ve always been a fan of beautiful things. From design to form, I believe we should create things that have beauty when we create. Post-modern archetecture with its fractured buildings that look as if half the building would collapse at any moment are beautiful- they point to something else; another idea. Something that has always […]

IIS 7/Svr’08 to Apache2.2/Centos5.5

So I had this spare HP box lying around that was getting no use (was used in the past by a friend in Phoenix for MUD development- but hes moved onto .Net for his devel). I decided to re-image it and put CentOS and Apache /mySQL as a small webserver to host this site. […]

The Garfield Park Observatory

Today was day one of the ‘Sweet Saturday’s’ program at the Garfield Park Observatory here in Chicago. Heather and I took a trip to escape the winter and breathe some fresh air while enjoying the beauty. I brought my Rebel XT and my 1.8 EF/85 Prime to take a few pictures. Here is what came […]