Windows Deployment Server won’t start on a fresh install

Strange thing happened: I installed WDS on a server 2008 r2 machine which had just a base install. The installation zipped through in about 15 seconds. No icon showed up in the administrative tools menu, and my event viewer had this error: An error occurred while trying to start the Windows Deployment Services server.   […]

Disable Components via GPO in XP

Fleet of windows XP computers. This might be old news, but I was asked to get rid of all those built in windows games on the local machines. The machines were all deployed with a factory default OEM image, so I didn’t have control as to what was in the images. Windows has a built […]

Windows Me or Lion?

Remember in Me, MS started their first attempt to hide the reality of the computer from the user? Apple’s new OS, Lion, does the same thing; it hides the ~/Library folder by default. I am sure all you that know anything about this have already run this command, but I am going to propagate it […]