Funky DHCP Behavior

My DHCP failed today. The scope filled up with ‘BAD_ADDRESS” addresses. Was a pretty quick fix, but notable. MS has it documented here ( Basically set up a user account for DHCP DNS updating via the properties of the DHCP server mmc snap in. Looks like mine had a user account with an expired password.

Cisco 2500 WC and the General Motors MDI Device

  We have these vehicle diagnostic devices called MDIs. Service technicians use them to connect to vehicles and do remote diagnostics on them. They are connected to the wireless mesh and transmit the data back to a local pc somewhere in the network. A couple things: The wireless network needs to have BROADCAST enabled in […]

Activating Server Core 2008 R2

So, I’ve got my server core DC all up and running. Works like a champ, and I love the low overhead of the machine. Time to activate. Sander Berkouwer has a great write up over here that he wrote back in ’08. I’ll just put up the basics of activating using a CD key. Check […]