Find Architecture of Centos/RHEL/Fedora- x64 or x86 installed?

This is a VERY simple command. I recently had a server that was installed and I had forgotten if it was x64 or x32. This is a super simple way to tell what architecture you have installed. Simple command will let you know what you installed last month while half asleep at 2am. [root@SuperServer9000 ~]# […]

Back up XenServer 6 to Network Share with Fancy Scripting and Lots of Fun and No Downtime.

I have been using XenServer now for a few years. I was using Hyper-V and VMware, but I inherited a bunch of VMs on a few XenServer hosts and decided I would just work with Xen and see how I like it. I’ve gained a love/hate relationship with XenServer. But for the love, I can […]