Barracuda Backup 390 BIOS Password and Flashers

So I have this Barracuda Backup 390 unit. Their support is so terrible that it drives me crazy. My plan was to image the machine for recovery, format, install freeNAS, and smoke a pipe to celebrate. The only problem was the BIOS password prevented me from doing any config in the BIOS. My thought was, […]

Barracuda Backup Support

It should be easy to add a contract to a device. It should be easy to just simply use a device. Ive got this Barracuda Backup 390 Server. Fine, it works, it does the job. The vendor who purchased this unit for us (before my time) cancelled the support on the unit. I didn’t care, […]

the elastic days of a watery summer

It’s like stretching a movement of symphony for too long in the darkness of the concert hall.
 The silence is only broken by the darkness of the chairs and the rushing reverb biting the dust in the air. 
 It was at that moment that i heard the rustle of papers about three rows down […]