Built In

So there have been a few songs that are rife with nostalgia in a strange way that mesmerize me. First is a new song by Onehotrix Point Never called Replica   The second/third are oldies but a goodies- two by Pogo I just love the visual and audio art created by these two artists

Ichabod River, Missouri. Summer of 1864

Silent trickles of rain washed down the rusted roof. The drops rolled themselves like tumbleweeds across the scarred metal and fell to their death at the bottom of the porch. Each raindrop was like a warrior destined to break through the surface, each raindrop given a purpose and jettisoned from their ethereal craft that floated […]

Hypo-Solisemic Needle

“Just one drop of blood into the cup” she stood there staring at me indignantly. “If you dont let it go, then I will have to hold all this against you. Dont you remember when you were working on the farm in Montana three years ago and the clouds started to recess…” she trailed off. No, I just stopped paying attention. I […]