Installing Cacti in CentOS 6.2 Part 2: GUI, Plugins, Host Monitoring, Email Alerts

First thing your going to do since the last post is log into the fresh cacti server. This can be achieved by going to http://(serverIP or FQDN)/cacti From here, you will get the welcome/setup screen: This just gives you some basic info that will help you understand what you are about to do. Just press […]

Book: The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t say about Human Origins (Part 1)

I just finished up How God Became King by NT Wright. I know, its old news, but since I am an IT professional, and not a theologian anymore, i reserve the right to be normal. I am moving on to this book as a recommendation from Rachel Held Evans. I thought I’d change up my […]

Disk Utility Wont Let You Restore in OSX (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion). i.e. “apple disk utility restore failure”

So you have a DMG that is a proper image, but every time you attempt a restore with the disk utility it fails with ‘invalid argument’ ‘unable to scan’ or ‘idontlikeyouthatway’. How frustrating. Good old Disk Utility used to be powerful right? So it turns out that you CAN restore that disk image with using […]