Christmas in Pismo

a snowy broken town, beat up ‘out all the cold dropped and kicked by the pacific cod drip faced at harrys ’til 3, flying high summer kites and windy springs damp mornings christmas fog elevating sounds carrying on with seagulls slowly cresting sunrise palm trees colored up and juiced ‘till dawn wrapped up like christmas […]

Installing ESXi VMWare Tools On CentOS

I needed a quick reference article for installing the VMWare tools on CentOS VM’s that I spin up in the environment. **EDIT** I had some problems on some upgraded from xenserver VMs not finding the CDROM. See workthrough here. /**EDIT** 1, Mount the VMWare tools on the virtual machine. do a quick update/prereq #yum install […]

Unifi Ubiquity AP and Cisco Trunk VLAN

Recently I needed some cheap, decent WIFI AP units to deploy at a small business. I had a friend recommend the Ubiquity Unifi platform. I only needed access for approx 20 users across 3 APs, so I decided to give it a whirl. Setting up the controller software on a small Ubuntu VM was really […]