I am an old man sitting on a wooden bench by a river. My shoes sit softly in the mud and I am relaxed. The sunlight gently warms my eyelids as the five o’clock sun glistens off of the water. Slowly the trees rustle and I can sink into what I believe is very important. […]

OSX Disk Utility #Fails. Use DD instead.

Since 10.7, the Disk Utility in OSX has taken a steep dive in quality. It used to be a great tool that (imo) made OSX slightly nicer than Windows for working with images and partitioning. But as of 10.7 and higher, the Disk Utility seems to not be able to copy ISOs back to disks. […]

XenServer 6.1 Ubuntu Paravirtualized Will Not Boot After Kernel Upgrade

If you are running Ubuntu on XenServer, you are probably aware that you are running this thing with the paravirtualized modified kernel. Yesterday I ran into this issue where the kernel update caused the server not to boot any more. Upon logging into the XenServer, i got this error: Error: Starting VM – Using to […]