Python // Misc: Python Linting Tools (Pylama and Black)

Python programmers generally adhere to coding conventions (particularly PEP8). But you might rightfully ask yourself, “why should I care about coding conventions”? Coding conventions matter because they improve readability. They improve readability between developers and they improve readability across time (i.e. the same developer editing code that he wrote earlier). When using reasonable coding conventions, it is generally easier to […]

Python // Misc: Using Nornir for OS Upgrades (Part 2)

In Part1, I wrote about Nornir’s inventory and about using Nornir and the netmiko_file_transfer plugin to transfer a file to twelve devices across three different platforms. Now we are going to continue this OS upgrade process. In this article, we are going to do the following: Expand the file transfer to select different files (based on […]

Python // Misc: Using Nornir for OS Upgrades (Part 1)

Previously I wrote an article on Introducing Nornir. In this article, I want to expand on Nornir and do something more interesting. Unfortunately, I am going to switch from using Nornir 1.1 to using Nornir 2.0. There are some meaningful differences between the two versions. Additionally, Nornir 2.0 is not released yet so I am going […]