Python3 // Lesson 2: Conditionals and Loops

ConditionalsVideo is 8 minutes  Boolean Logic (Booleans, Ternary Operator, None)Video is 8 minutes  Python For LoopsVideo is 5 minutes  For Loops (Enumerate)​Video is 6 minutes  For Loops (Break and Continue)Video is 9 minutes  While LoopsVideo is 5 minutes  Loops MiscellaneousVideo is 6 minutes Additional Content: How To Write Conditional Statements in Python 3​​ How To Construct For Loops in Python […]

Python 3 // Lesson 1: Numbers, Files, Lists, and Linters

NumbersVideo is 9 minutes  FilesVideo is 10 minute  ListsVideo is 6 minutes  List SlicesVideo is 4 minutes    Lists are MutableVideo is 5 minutes  TuplesVideo is 3 minutes  Using .join()​Video is 3 minutes  sys.argvVideo is 2 minutes  LintersVideo is 6 minutes Additional Content: Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (Chapter 4 on Strings)Up through the section named “Removing Values from Lists with […]