Barracuda Backup 390 BIOS Password and Flashers

So I have this Barracuda Backup 390 unit.
Their support is so terrible that it drives me crazy.

My plan was to image the machine for recovery, format, install freeNAS, and smoke a pipe to celebrate.

The only problem was the BIOS password prevented me from doing any config in the BIOS.
My thought was, no problem. Reset the BIOS and then flash the BIOS with a real BIOS from the mobo manufacturer.
Turns out that the BIOS reset doesn’t clear the BIOS. Looks like Barracuda has some custom firmware that re-initializes the password every time its cleared.

UBCD to the rescue.

Using the BIOS password cracker, I was able to find the BIOS password (with much guessing [which was BCNDK1]).

Once I had the password, I entered the BIOS and removed the password. But on first reboot, the Barracuda BIOS re-enabled the password. Sheesh.

Asus luckily has a EZ-Flash built into the BIOS, so I put the latest BIOS from ASUS on a flash drive and flashed it current. No problems now. Win.

Just an FYI, this Barracuda 390 comes with an ASUS M2N68-AM+ motherboard.