Barracuda Backup Support

It should be easy to add a contract to a device. It should be easy to just simply use a device.

Ive got this Barracuda Backup 390 Server. Fine, it works, it does the job.

The vendor who purchased this unit for us (before my time) cancelled the support on the unit. I didn’t care, I didn’t need support, nor did I use the cloud storage options (I could replicate to other sites easily).
The only problem was that when the vendor canceled the contract, the web-services stopped working- i.e. you can only manage the device via their web console. So I was stuck with backup servers that ceased to function.
So, I needed to make a quick call over to Barracuda and get my credit card on file and add my email address to the account so that I could manage the device, right?

I call Barracuda renewals, I get this nice guy on the phone. I tell him that I have the unit, give him the serial #, and he says,

Support: Are you the local plumbers union?

Me: No, we are a different company

Support: Oh,well this unit is located at the plumbers union.

Me: mkay, well, I’ve got it, so where do you want to go from here?

Support: oh, well if you have it, ill just change the address. You said you had two right?

Me: Yeah, two.. here are the serials..

Support: Oh, we can’t add two on the same account.

Me: Why?

Support: Because one of them is for the plumbers union, and one of them is for this doctors office.

Me: Yeha, I’ve got em both.

Support: Well, we cannot reestablish ownership on a device that has already been established.

Me: I don’t care if you think I’m a plumber, i just kind of want to use the device.

Support: Oh, then call customer support and they can get your card on file and you can use the devices!

Me: ok, xfer me.

Support#2: you want to pay for these devices?

Me: Yeha, I want to use them

Support#2: are you the plumbers union?

Me: no.

Support#2: we can’t help you then.

Me: do you want me to have the vendor call you who purchased these? one of your trusted resellers?

Support#2: No, he can’t change it. Do you want to speak with my manager?

Me: Sure…

10 minutes later.. on hold, I hang up.

So basically, if thats the kind of help I’m gonna get from them when things are easy, whats going to happen when its a disaster recovery situation?