Blackberry Enterprise Server

So, ever since the Blackberry Enterprise Server installation last year, our users get random hiccups. It varies from user to user, carrier to carrier, phone to phone. Some things work perfectly, some have slight problems. Currently, our org does not give out company cell phones, but rather opts in for a reimbursement. This is easy for everyone except IT.

Always, I am able to get around and work through the issues that arise. Typically a reconnect of the MAPI to the exchange server will fix a plethora of issues; but there has been one that has evaded me lately.
The calendaring.
Basically, when a user receives a calendar invite via exchange, the invitation just shows up in their calendar on the handheld. There is no notification to accept or decline the meeting. Like all BES things i’ve encountered so far, this is the case with some users, and not with others.

In attempts to fix the issue I started by upgrading our BESX server from 5.1 to 5.2sp1. The changelog addressed the issue we were having. But this repair was to no avail. The issue is still apparent.
According to the white papers, and forums alike, all calendaring functions are caught up in the CDO.DLL. Upon checking my Exchange server version of this DLL and my BESX server version, they were off by a slight bit.
I backed up the old CDO on the BESX and registered the new DLL. I do not have a Blackberry device in the IT dept to test with (I’m not a Blackberry user) so I am awaiting response from a trusted BB user in the org. We’ll see if this fixes what plagues BESX users here!

Looks like this did not fix this issue with BESX. Back to the drawing board. My next step is to fuddle with the exchange permissions on the BES Admin account. According to this guy ( The blackberry manual has a misprint on BES Admin permissions.