Blackberry Server

So, I received a notification that our BES server was not delivering emails to our users.
Checking the web administration console is usually the first step- verify that the users connection to the BES is still active.

The web server for the BES was down. This (of all the broken things ive found in BES) was the first time I have had this problem.

A few things about us.
We use Server 2008 R2 in a Hyper-V to host this server.
We use BESX 5.02

So, I logged onto the server, checked the BB services.
Check, services active
SQL services?
Check, services active
SQL databse intact?
Check, SQL looks good
BB Admin console?
Check, looks good, connecting to MAPI, connecting to SQL, connecting to external connections


Check logs.
windows event viewer, application logs- nothing
BB text logs, yes, here it is. “Could not connect to Service Control Manager at \\ 1722”
Found this article at BB forums:

still no luck, all permissions are perfect. No funky updates. Nothing.



Let me think about BESx.
All the sudden, at random I get a call from a BB user- “thanks for fixing my BB!”
apache is still down, but apparently the users are getting emails. Some are getting double, some are getting quadruple.

BESx is just a frontend with a SQL backend.

I removed BES from the server. Rebooted, and reinstalled.