I am an old man sitting on a wooden bench by a river. My shoes sit softly in the mud and I am relaxed. The sunlight gently warms my eyelids as the five o’clock sun glistens off of the water. Slowly the trees rustle and I can sink into what I believe is very important. […]

Stormy, Your Eyes…

stormy, your eyes staring out into the distance only accepting what is acceptable like a gate into your heart they prance the gardens of this earth smelling flowers and parousing supermarkets stormy, your eyes sideways looking at me across the pillow telling me of your deeds and your adventures always gentle, always free like a […]

Outside Heaven

There I was, standing at the dock. The boat that I was to take was leaving. I was supposed to be on it, but I arrived late. The water splashed around it in the calm salty air and slowly lumbering, the ship disappeared on the flat horizon. I did not want to be left alone […]