Hypo-Solisemic Needle

“Just one drop of blood into the cup” she stood there staring at me indignantly. “If you dont let it go, then I will have to hold all this against you. Dont you remember when you were working on the farm in Montana three years ago and the clouds started to recess…” she trailed off. No, I just stopped paying attention. I […]

Calumet City

Snow covered the flat beach line like sand would in a less surreal place. I rolled down the window and let the warm sea breeze fill my hair and wrap its familiar hands around my ears and neck. Blue sky and horizon were all I could see if I opened my eyes. I kept them […]

Another Tape

Last night, Tim Hauth, Chris Wallock, Nicki Hauth, Adam Bianchi, Paul Swift and I got together and recorded some free-form stories. We used to do this when younger and there was some speculation as to wether we could have fun with this in our 30’s. There were some hits and some misses. We had a […]