Error 0x80200013 / OAB Exchange 2007

Recently I had to update our webmail server to redirect non-SSL connections to SSL connections.
This was in order to comply with HIPPA security rules.

I noticed that users OAB updating had been stalled by this and Outlook was throwing off an error (0x80200013).

What happened was that when the server was redirecting OAB updates, the virtual directory of the OAB in exchange was set as an HTTP and not an HTTPS. This was throwing the whole process off.

To check the virtual directory in exchange, open up the EMS (exchange management shell) and type in:
get-oabvirtualdirectory | fl

This command will output your settings.
Find the “RequireSSL” setting and see what type of result it has; true or false.
Scroll down and find the “InternalUrl” and “ExternalUrl” settings and see whats being given.

Make sure they line up: If you have SSL enabled, and do not have HTTPS on the internal/external urls, you will fail- like mine did.

In order to change your urls, just put in this command to the EMS:
set-oabvirtualdirectory -identity “OAB (Default Web Site)” -InternalUrl “”
set-oabvirtualdirectory -identity “OAB (Default Web Site)” -ExternalUrl “”

You might need to change the identity name to match your OAB identity, and the actual URL will need to change to match your domain.

To enable/disable SSL on the redirect you can also use this command:
set-oabvirtualdirectory -identity “OAB (Default Web Site)” -RequireSSL $true
set-oabvirtualdirectory -identity “OAB (Default Web Site)” -RequireSSL $false

I hope this helps. Its a pretty straightforward process.