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Fine Tuning Roaming on Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points//config.properties Problems

Fine Tuning Roaming on Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points//config.properties Problems

On my CentOS controller, I was having trouble setting the RSSI (read SnR) for each AP.
Apparently as of v3.1.3, Ubiquiti removed the minimum RSSI setting from the controller and moved it into the config.properties. We’ve been in this file before.

I think sometime soon, I’ll have to make this a series. Been spending a bit of time tuning these Unifi APs and controllers.

This is going to be a short article, since everything is explained in great detail in the article that Ubiquiti published.

I want to make a little note on the footnote #1:

  1. “the_site” is the site ID in which an AP resides. This is the ID you set when adding a new site. The default id for the first site is ‘default’.

When I was setting the config.properties, I have four sites in my controller. I assumed that the site that I would add the config.properties to would be the name of the site that I am working with. This is not the case. There is an exception for the first site in the org.
I had created site 101 first. This site received the default site folder, rather than the 101 site.

So even though I have the site named “101” in the Site Settings:
Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.03.20 AM
It still would only apply the config.properties in the /opt/UniFi/data/sites/default/ directory.

I confirmed this by making rssi changes to the APs in site 101, and they would not take the instructions unless the config.properties was in the default site. That footnote is important and vague.


Just dropping this note to all that find themselves in my position.