FTP Automation in Windows XP

So it looks like my fav Filezilla can’t be automated via cli, so I have to go to my second fav FTP client: WinSCP.

I needed to set up a simple FTP transfer on an hourly basis from a folder locally on a network share to a remote server.

1st step was to get a network share built and a GPO pointing the right users to that share. I chose to use a Y drive share to push a folder over to the users that needed this for easy memory.

2nd step was to make sure the share populated to the users and they had the ability to throw files within the folder via network- check.

3rd step was to get a remote machine to sync those folders via cli in winscp.
3a- Install WinSCP
3b- Make sure that everything connects properly in the FTP via the gui in winscp
3c- Set up a scheduled task that runs WinSCP on an interval with with the scheduled tasks in Windows.
3c.a- mine looked like this (run this script, then log it to this file):

“C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.com” “/script=C:\FTPSCRIPT.txt” “/log=C:\ftp.log”

3d- Then you need to edit the FTPSCRIPT.txt file and have it actually make the commands that will run the transfer.
3d.a- My script looks like this:

option batch abort
option confirm off
open ftp://username:password@ftp.yourremotehost.net
put C:\blahblah.txt /

4th, make sure the paths line up and run that scheduled task! Make sure that you get an 0x0 result in the task manager and win!