Python // Lesson 0: Prework

Introduction Video is 7 minutes  Why Learn Programing?Video is 1 minute  Why Python?Video is 3 minutes  Python2 versus Python3Video is 2 minutes  Characteristics of PythonVideo is 5 minutes  The Python Interpreter ShellVideo is 9 minutes  IPythonVideo is 4 minutes  Printing to stdout and Reading from stdinVideo is 6 minutes  Dir, Help, and Variables​Video is 10 minutes  Python […]

Python // Misc: Nornir using an Ansible Inventory (Part1)

# Part 1 ## Introduction In this series of articles we are going to generate configurations from template files using Nornir, but using an Ansible-style inventory. There will (hopefully!) be subsequent posts that cover validating user inputs (variable file inputs), validating network state (did my deployment work properly), backing up configurations before and after deployments, […]

Python // Misc: XML and Python (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

You thought you were past this, “I don’t need to learn stinking XML; this is 2018”, then you dove head-first into Juniper and PyEZ, ran into a problem, had to peel back the onion and what did you see staring back at you: a big, ugly, no fun, bunch-of-XML. Come on this is 2018, can’t I […]