IIS 7/Svr’08 to Apache2.2/Centos5.5

So I had this spare HP box lying around that was getting no use (was used in the past by a friend in Phoenix for MUD development- but hes moved onto .Net for his devel).
I decided to re-image it and put CentOS and Apache /mySQL as a small webserver to host this charleslabri.com site.
Last thurs/fri I reset the machine and then Sat/Sun I migrated the site over from my Server ’08/IIS7 box. I was glad to get the resources back that mySQL and IIS were hogging on that box.
I just put it live about 30 minutes ago. There were a few kinks to work out initially (like migrating the mySQL 5.0 DB to 5.1), but things seem to be working well.

Next I am off to get the Apache site load balanced. I am always up for a challenge!

*edit* Oh yeah, also.. while I was doing the migration on Sat. the HDD in my macbook pro took a dive. I had to finish off the migration Sunday on my wifes machine. Ugh- at least the HDD is a newer Seagate unit and its under a 3yr warranty from them.
*edit2* hah, turns out the HDD didnt go bad, it was the SATA ribbon. Odd eh? wasnt mounting the fs, yet was detecting the drive and partitions were visible. oh well, cable replaced in 5 minutes- i had to fight tooth and nail to walk out of the apple store with a *gasp* part!