Beneath the varying shades of green trees, light breezes flittered and left marks of changed sands and exposed branches. The sunlight left bare the darkness and chased away anything hiding within and under things untold. The whole world was exposed. The whole world was in a state of freedom. Everything was plainly itself and did not hide from my gaze. In its state of openness, I treated everything with awe.
Walking along the path, I came to a clearing with a canopy of trees and a white sand center. Beautiful green ferns draped themselves across trees and formed an almost perfect circle. I stepped into the center. The breeze that blew the trees seemed to funnel toward the earth here. I turned my face upward, toward the sunlight. The winds began to swirl and wisp around me causing my shirt to be lifted and my hair to blow wildly about. Bits of soft sand darted past my eyes and through my ears. I was locked in a sandy helix of light and wind. The wind, wrapping its clover-leaf arms around me, spoke; I heard its voice,
“I have shown myself to you, I have lifted my veil of darkness from you.”
I could not but smile at the voice of a grandfather whispering in my ears softly as if I were being tucked into my bed at home.
The voice filtered through the trees again,
“When you walked, you were gentle and gave me dignity. I read your eyes through the thin veil you wore. I am free; my freedom is the wise expression of who I am to be. I express who I will become, that is what my most free sense of self. I continually mold my freedom with the mud before me. If I express things that I am not going to be, or express things that I am not which are foolish, then I express a void which is not an expression of me, but of something else. “
It was a pure expression, the sound and the light made me want to break from the cords of my own dim eyes and climb the trees of this incredible place into the world where I had dreamt of in my sleep
The light became stronger and my feet lifted from the ground and the power of the wind. It seemed as the trees around me were looking right at me.
“Like my creator, I create to share in the essence which gives me life. My life is only mine as I let it pass into another’s hands. I have realized that nothing is mine to be grasped, that to gain my strength I must be willing to let all things pass away from me.”
Sensations of voices exploded around me, dancing like colors dance during sunset in a forest. My hands felt empty and light filled my eyes creating an abstract yet beautiful scene. The voice, now overpowering the wind, started to speak right to me saying,
“I am honest, I am free. I am other-worldly, I am truly material. I am full of desire, I am fully myself. I am true, I am loved. I am shared, I am home. All these things are truly mine. All these things are given to me by freedom. I have a true identity that stands out as real, which is unfading and stored away in the safest and most secure place imaginable. I have been given life and beauty; I have become a mirror, shining the reflection of the almighty God down towards the earth in wonder. I have been and am being created. I have been realized and continually change. I have been found finally and I now am filled up with the power to express life fully.”
Branches seemed to snap at the statements made by the voice and the forest around me was glowing bright white. The earth was trembling like an excited child; I closed my eyes and heard silence.
The light faded and the trees looked away. I felt my feet touch the sand and the pressure of my own weight return to my spine. I dropped to the sand and dug my hands into the earth. Sunlight trickled down like water on my back and arms. I had not changed. Sitting there, I realized that the experience that I had was truly part of my own unbearable freedom.