iPhone Calendar Colors

One thing that dearly irks me is the inability to natively change calendar colors on calendars in the iPhone.

I’ve got about 4 calendars that I sync with.. a couple Google calendars, and some exchange calendars. Sometimes the Google calendars use the same colors as the Exchange calendars; this drives me mad.

Typically I have been able to disable and then re-enable the calendar, and it chooses a different calendar color based upon the next color in the list.. but this seems to not be working very well as of the latest iPhone updates (its been a while since I have had to change these colors).

Luckily I am happy to say that I have jailbroken my phone and actively use SSH for administration.
If you use SSH to work with your phone.. then you shouldnt be reading this, because you should know it.

#(install sqlite3)
# This is where the calendar DB is:
#Open it in SQLite3
sqlite3 Calendar.sqlitedb

#to list calendars in existence on the phone…
select title,color_r,color_g,color_b from Calendar;

#Slide in the calendar color you want in RGB and input the title of the calendar you want to modify
update Calendar set color_r=xxx, color_g=xxx, color_b=xxx where title = ‘xxx’;

#A couple example colors
#Red = (181,0,13)
#Orange = (229,98,0)
#Green = (47,141,0)
#Blue = (15,77,140)
#Purple = (103,10,108)