Migrating Linux (CentOS 6) from XenServer 6 to VMWare eSXI 5.1

There are many ways to migrate servers in a virtual environment. This has been the easiest for me (not to mention the simplest).
The VMWare converter has problems with the way that XenServer modifies the bootloader.

    1. In VMWare, create a new virtual server and install a base image on it.
    2. Give it an IP address and make sure that it can hit the yum REPO’s.
  1. On the SOURCE server:
    1. Install rsync with
      1. #yum -y install rsync
    2. Create an exclusion file with
      1. #touch ./exclusion
      2. vi ./exclusion
        1. paste
          1. /boot
    3. Initiate a transfer from the SOURCE server to the DESTINATION server with (on the SOURCE, x.x.x.x is the DESTINATION IP)
      1. #rsync -e 'ssh' -azPx --delete-after --exclude-from="./exclusion" / root@x.x.x.x:/


This will copy the server via rsync from the SOURCE to the DESTINATION server. Then shutdown the source and reboot the destination.
This will not copy the network config, but it WILL copy the security information (root/etc).


After this is done, youll have a working server since the VMWare converter doesnt work very well for this.