Outlook 2011 Mac Attachment Size on Exchange 2007

So it turns out that my fancy new Outlook 2011 clients are having all sorts of problems with Outlook 2011 and attachment sizes.
Outlook 2011, like Entourage uses Exchange Web Services. This is a pathway that uses Exchange 2007 and above. I am running an Exchange 2007 enviroment.
By defauly the EWS service has a smaller attachment size than some Mac users are happy with. With all other considerations aside (cant fix the Mac users thinking that all MS products are broken), it’s a pretty simple issue to resolve. You just need to set the EWS service to allow larger connection sizes. This is done thus,

First, edit the “web.config” in “*yourexchangepath*\ClientAccess\exchweb\ews\” 
Find the “maxRequestLength” and change it to fit your org needs.

Using “Appcmd” found in “\Windows\System32\inetsrv\” run this command:
#> appcmd set config “*yourwebsite*/ews” -section:requestFiltering -requestLimits.maxAllowedContentLength:xxxxx

The xxxxx is the number you want the attachment size to be set max at. The *yourwebsite* is here, it might be “default web site” or it might be something else, check IIS mmc for this info.

Remember to take into mind these numbers and the concerns that they bring into play.

Just as a note- the size that you set is in BYTES in appcmd and in the web.config its KB