[PS] Searching Exchange 2007 for Legal Reasons

While it seems like a straight forward process, there are a few things I have learned on the way. I hope to share those things to make i easier on myself and others in the future.

1st step-
Make sure you have access rights to the mailboxes that you will be working with.

2nd step-
Hop on the Exchange Management Shell and well look at using two commands in conjunction.
[PS] Get-Mailbox
[PS] Export-Mailbox

The command I used specifically was:

Export-Mailbox -Identity [domain]\[user] -StartDate “01/01/2009” -EndDate “12/31/2009” -SubjectKeywords “[keyword]” -TargetMailbox [tempmailbox] -TargetFolder [whateveryouwant]

Basically what this command will do, is look at the domain\user for the date range and the keywords and then copy them into the target mailbox with under the folder that you specify.
Then folders magically showed up in the target mailbox with all the info I needed!
I was able to get all the keywords in the date ranges I needed from the users that I needed them from.

These two commands will let you narrow down your search to all sorts of fun things.

Two resources will be helpful to find out the arguments you might want to make/change for what you are doing:
The two resources that I used were:

The GET-MAILBOX cmdlet info paper


The EXPORT-MAILBOX cmdlet info paper