Finding email addresses in Exchange via Active Directory

So, new job, move to California. New Active Directory and all sorts of stuff. One thing that I have found INCREDIBLY useful is searching AD for SMTP email addresses. We have a multi site thing going on, and there are ALL SORTS of user accounts and email accounts that don’t line up very well. In […]

Wireless Authentication

This last year I upgraded our systems from a completely wired network to a roaming wireless network. I chose to go with the HP Procurve products as they fulfilled the organizational needs and were quite cheaper than the Cisco counterparts. Setting up the wireless infrastructure required mapping out locations to plan for optimal wireless crossover […]

Another day in the life of a lonely Mac

So, I have really tried to stay away from encouraging mac users in the domain. Last Friday a VP’s computer went down and I had it for the weekend. I decided to try some things new. In a step to apple and pc reunion I bound the┬áVP’s mac to the AD and set an AD […]