Blackberry Server

So, I received a notification that our BES server was not delivering emails to our users. Checking the web administration console is usually the first step- verify that the users connection to the BES is still active. The web server for the BES was down. This (of all the broken things ive found in BES) […]

Blackberry Enterprise Server

So, ever since the Blackberry Enterprise Server installation last year, our users get random hiccups. It varies from user to user, carrier to carrier, phone to phone. Some things work perfectly, some have slight problems. Currently, our org does not give out company cell phones, but rather opts in for a reimbursement. This is easy […]

Blackberry 8330

One of our users had some problems with a spinning hourglass on their Blackberry 8330. Upon invesigation, looks like its the Facebook App that was just updated. I made the connection when she said casually that she hated the new FB app, and then i read this article: Deleted the FB app and her […]