Getting GMAIL notifications via ZABBIX on CENTOS6

So, I like the email notifications from Zabbix, but what happens if my mail server locally is the one that crashes? Using a reliable service like GMail to send out these notifications will assist if my mail server is broken. Here’s how its done: First you get an smtp server running with CA certs on […]

IIS 7/Svr’08 to Apache2.2/Centos5.5

So I had this spare HP box lying around that was getting no use (was used in the past by a friend in Phoenix for MUD development- but hes moved onto .Net for his devel). I decided to re-image it and put CentOS and Apache /mySQL as a small webserver to host this site. […]

Don’t forget your compiler!

What? C++ preprocessor “/lib/cpp” fails sanity check? What did I break? Installing Ntop on my Cacti CentOS box. Oh, yum install gcc-c++ fixes my little world. I forgot to install the C++ compiler. Doh.