Using a USB/Serial with OSX and Screen

I’ve been using a Mac for quite a while as a systems administrator/network administrator. I don’t run into many people that use OSX for their daily machines as administrators, but I think that OS androgyny is more ubiquitous, so I think its apt to write an article on using screen to pick up the serial […]

Unifi Ubiquity AP and Cisco Trunk VLAN

Recently I needed some cheap, decent WIFI AP units to deploy at a small business. I had a friend recommend the Ubiquity Unifi platform. I only needed access for approx 20 users across 3 APs, so I decided to give it a whirl. Setting up the controller software on a small Ubuntu VM was really […]

Errors Logging Into OWA on Trusted Domain

Recently, our organization needed to set up a trusted domain for a branch system. We wanted to add the second domain to run segregated services, but did not want to stub the domain from the root. We ended up creating a second forest.   Microsoft has some great articles on creating a domain trust. I […]