Spark SSO

Looks like the SSO is working… on windows XP The Windows 7 SSO doesnt work.. time to find out why. I found this article that might help solve the problem, but I am hesitant to install a hotfix on my DC that might not be the right one. Time to do some digging around.


I was playing around with spark sso sign in and I created a kerberos key for my own user account. bad idea. it reset my pword. fail. [From my iPhone]

RODC Failures

So my forest and domain functional are Server 2003. My main site has the RWDC’s and a remote site has a RODC.For some odd reason, the GPO objects where not being APPENDED on the RODC when I made changes to the GPO objects on the RWDC.The result was that the RODC was still applying GPO’s, […]