ActiveSync breaks randomly in Exchange 2003

I’ve got 2 exchange 2003 servers in different domains. It seems on about a monthly basis that the ActiveSync just stops working and my mobile users get shut off from syncing. Today I found a quick little workaround. Over in EMS, right click the HTTP virtual server container and uncheck forms based authentication. Restart IIS. […]

Finding email addresses in Exchange via Active Directory

So, new job, move to California. New Active Directory and all sorts of stuff. One thing that I have found INCREDIBLY useful is searching AD for SMTP email addresses. We have a multi site thing going on, and there are ALL SORTS of user accounts and email accounts that don’t line up very well. In […]

[PS] Searching Exchange 2007 for Legal Reasons

While it seems like a straight forward process, there are a few things I have learned on the way. I hope to share those things to make i easier on myself and others in the future. 1st step- Make sure you have access rights to the mailboxes that you will be working with. 2nd step- […]