Adding drivers to a .WIM offline

I have my WDS server all set up, but the Optiplex 790’s that we have unfortunately do not have NIC drivers with the default catalogues in the Windows 7 install CD. When I was creating my deployment boot images, I based them off a clean Windows 7 SP1 install. This caused problems when I was […]

Disable Components via GPO in XP

Fleet of windows XP computers. This might be old news, but I was asked to get rid of all those built in windows games on the local machines. The machines were all deployed with a factory default OEM image, so I didn’t have control as to what was in the images. Windows has a built […]


Sharepoint can be INCREDIBLY helpful with a lot of things. Though, I get really annoyed with the interface sometimes. It’s a total MS product with its really poor interface. Finding the simples things gets me lost sometimes. They really do need to update their UI standards. Thats all I’ve got to say about that.