Shinken/Nagios/Check_WMI_Plus Filtering

So I have a few windows servers getting checked with CHECK_WMI_PLUS. I am using Shinken as the service instead of Nagios. When using the Windows Pack I was frustrated because part of the checks are looking to services that are set to AUTO and reporting an error if they are not started. This is all fine until […]

Getting GMAIL notifications via ZABBIX on CENTOS6

So, I like the email notifications from Zabbix, but what happens if my mail server locally is the one that crashes? Using a reliable service like GMail to send out these notifications will assist if my mail server is broken. Here’s how its done: First you get an smtp server running with CA certs on […]

Cacti Monitoring

After a lot of work with Nagios and Cacti and Centos, we have some really nice monitoring. Monitoring is extremely important, I am glad that we were able to get this machine in place. It is my intention to get Netflow up and gathering our syslogs off of the firewalls for better intrusion prevention/monitoring. Whats […]