Using a USB/Serial with OSX and Screen

I’ve been using a Mac for quite a while as a systems administrator/network administrator. I don’t run into many people that use OSX for their daily machines as administrators, but I think that OS androgyny is more ubiquitous, so I think its apt to write an article on using screen to pick up the serial […]

OSX Disk Utility #Fails. Use DD instead.

Since 10.7, the Disk Utility in OSX has taken a steep dive in quality. It used to be a great tool that (imo) made OSX slightly nicer than Windows for working with images and partitioning. But as of 10.7 and higher, the Disk Utility seems to not be able to copy ISOs back to disks. […]

Disk Utility Wont Let You Restore in OSX (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion). i.e. “apple disk utility restore failure”

So you have a DMG that is a proper image, but every time you attempt a restore with the disk utility it fails with ‘invalid argument’ ‘unable to scan’ or ‘idontlikeyouthatway’. How frustrating. Good old Disk Utility used to be powerful right? So it turns out that you CAN restore that disk image with using […]