Startup Scripts

So i got Ignite: Spark to push out via a GPO as an assigned app, with also a backup script to do a system check to see if spark is installed as well as the correct parameters for the spark.parameters settings file in the user folder.Today I finished it off by adding the shortcut to […]

Spark SSO

Looks like the SSO is working… on windows XP The Windows 7 SSO doesnt work.. time to find out why. I found this article that might help solve the problem, but I am hesitant to install a hotfix on my DC that might not be the right one. Time to do some digging around.

Spark and Openfire

I got my Openfire server running and I *just* finished with the Spark SSO config.A few things.I followed these directions: But.. I ran into a few problems. 1) in my gss.conf, I had to change the location of the .keytab from “program files x86” since I am on an x64 machine, the server could not […]