The Sea

She was a fickle mistress, hair spraying everywhere. Cold hands and hard eyes. She stared at me through the lens of foam and fuss. Pillars, all done up with ancient ideas and ‘stuck to’ ideas of how the world works and where we are all in part of it. She is powerful, dropping me to […]

Christmas in Pismo

a snowy broken town, beat up ‘out all the cold dropped and kicked by the pacific cod drip faced at harrys ’til 3, flying high summer kites and windy springs damp mornings christmas fog elevating sounds carrying on with seagulls slowly cresting sunrise palm trees colored up and juiced ‘till dawn wrapped up like christmas […]


I am an old man sitting on a wooden bench by a river. My shoes sit softly in the mud and I am relaxed. The sunlight gently warms my eyelids as the five o’clock sun glistens off of the water. Slowly the trees rustle and I can sink into what I believe is very important. […]