Part 3.[PSGet-Counter] The Powershell Get-Counter cmdlet

Part 1.[Overview] ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Windows Metrics over PowerShell TCP Connections Part 2.[PSJSON] The Powershell JSON TCP Connection Part 3.[PSGet-Counter] The Powershell Get-Counter cmdlet In the github repo, let’s take a look at the actual counters that are being sent. We have Network, CPU, Disk and Pages counters. We will look at the Network counters. […]

Shinken/Nagios/Check_WMI_Plus Filtering

So I have a few windows servers getting checked with CHECK_WMI_PLUS. I am using Shinken as the service instead of Nagios. When using the Windows Pack I was frustrated because part of the checks are looking to services that are set to AUTO and reporting an error if they are not started. This is all fine until […]

Errors Logging Into OWA on Trusted Domain

Recently, our organization needed to set up a trusted domain for a branch system. We wanted to add the second domain to run segregated services, but did not want to stub the domain from the root. We ended up creating a second forest.   Microsoft has some great articles on creating a domain trust. I […]