VMware Tools Installation On A XenServer Migrated VM

I recently had a few CentOS machines that were migrated from XenServer to VMWare. There was a curious problem where the /dev/cdrom would not exist to be mounted when the VMWare tools image was mounted to the VM. When attempting to mount the CDROM’s usual location, I would get the error “mount: you must specify […]

XenServer 6.1 Ubuntu Paravirtualized Will Not Boot After Kernel Upgrade

If you are running Ubuntu on XenServer, you are probably aware that you are running this thing with the paravirtualized modified kernel. Yesterday I ran into this issue where the kernel update caused the server not to boot any more. Upon logging into the XenServer, i got this error: Error: Starting VM – Using to […]

Back up XenServer 6 to Network Share with Fancy Scripting and Lots of Fun and No Downtime.

I have been using XenServer now for a few years. I was using Hyper-V and VMware, but I inherited a bunch of VMs on a few XenServer hosts and decided I would just work with Xen and see how I like it. I’ve gained a love/hate relationship with XenServer. But for the love, I can […]